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Join Us As We Work To Help Those In Need

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As individuals, we can shine bright, but when we work TOGETHER we can shine a light so bright the WORLD can see it.  Light Orlando works with charities, churches, and government entities to help gather supplies, provide support, and coordinate volunteers for the betterment of Central Florida.  Our goal is to illuminate and inspire HOPE through action.

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Light Orlando began with a concert. In 2021, as the world was coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, people were feeling lonely and isolated. With the Christmas season approaching, a group of community members came up with an idea to light the world through community service. A Christmas concert was created to bring people together, to celebrate the power of music, to find new ways to serve, and to rejoice in the Savior of the World, whose light shines in us all. Light Orlando was born and continues to bless and unite Orlando area communities through the power of love and service.   

With your help, we will continue to Light Orlando through both small and large acts of community service.  Check out the Events page for upcoming and past events and the Volunteer page for how you can become involved.



Light Orlando works with nonprofits, faith-based, and other community organizations.  We're "Delivering Hope, Together"

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