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Make an Impact: Help Light Orlando Pack One Million Meals for Those in Need during Hunger Project 2024 Service Project

Almost one year ago, on August 12th, 2023, Light Orlando collaborated with a number of charities and over 1,500 volunteers at the Central Florida Fairgrounds to make 504,642meals to feed those in need.

According to Troy Wright, one of the Light Orlando Program Officers, “Hunger does not discriminate. We all likely know someone struggling with food insecurity. However, populations that are already vulnerable and disadvantaged are at the greatest risk of being impacted by a rising inflation and increased food costs.”

Light Orlando’s goal is to serve the community, filling both their hearts and stomachs.

During the Hunger Project last year, Light Orlando volunteers came together for a day

full of service and fun. Volunteers were organized into several different assembly lines scooping, weighing, and packaging meals, all while enjoying the vibrant music from the live DJ and filling their own stomachs with pizza and donuts. This event was certainly one to remember as volunteers spent the day with one another, making new friends and creating new bonds through service, dancing, and laughing.

At the end of the 2023 event, the 504,642 meals were dispersed to 45 different charities that would in turn distribute the meals to those in need.

When we asked volunteers about their thoughts on the event, these were some of the
responses we received:

“It was an amazing event. So much power in seeing so many churches, people and non-profits come together for one cause” - Claudia, Elevation Church

“It was cool to see everybody come together to serve our neighbor” - Jackson, Youth Table Captain 

“It was real meaningful service. Everyone had a great time. I appreciate the opportunity to participate.”- Mary Sparrow 

“Mom and I truly enjoyed that food packing event. I had a lot of fun jamming to it with our fellow volunteers.  What a great event! I look forward to doing that again – so please always include me.”- Sheryl Goins, UCF Rosen Pineapple Pantry 

Great News! Light Orlando will be hosting another Hunger Project this year on August 24th, 2024, at the Central Florida Fairgrounds!

You can sign up for the event and get more details HERE.

Be sure to mark this date in your calendar and join Light Orlando as they work to double last year’s goal and prepare 1 million meals to go to those in need. This is an event you won’t want to miss!



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